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The Purpose of Coaching is to

Set Yourself Free


About Coach Paul

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Until this day, I am someone who is reluctant to air his "dirty laundry" out on the internet for everyone to see. Not because I am ashamed of who I have grown to be (I'm actually quite proud and impressed with the man I have become), but rather I believe that some things are better left unsaid. I am asking you, my potential coaching client as to why I may be qualified to do this type of work, to guide other men through the effects of mind bending and soul crushing childhood trauma.  Simply put, I can talk the talk because I have walked the walked.

Through all my trials and tribulations as a much younger man I have accrued a lexicon of techniques, approaches, systems and methods that have worked (and not worked) in regards to my personal healing. I have floundered around exploring all of these modalities so frankly, you don't have to. I understand that all people are different and things resonate uniquely in each human being, yet we share commonalities that are universal in the journey of self healing. So many of us men are racked with feelings of insecurity, shame, humiliation and rage. The world, society and culture tells us to eat those emotions and "be a man" usually to our own detriment and sometimes our demise. How does one "be a man" while allowing ourselves to fully feel and process the emotions that have stuck in us since childhood? How do we juggle all those balls of fire at once and still maintain our dignity, sanity and self respect? I like to think that I have some answers to some of those questions. I would also like to think that my clients would agree.


Feel free to contact me here to get yourself out of your personal darkness into your unique personal light. If you've made it to the end of this "about section" it may be time for you to take the next step.

-Paul Christino


Specializing in Trauma Recovery Coaching
For Men.

Why Men Only?
What is the Active Healing Method?

Childhood trauma affects each human being in unique ways. Yet society and culture can pigeonhole men and women in their separate groups creating circumstances that are exclusive to each gender. It would be obtuse of me to claim that I can relate to the exclusive issues that women experience as a result. However, I can relate and empathize more deeply with men's issues due to personal experience.

The Active Healing Method is a multi-pronged approach to overcoming childhood trauma. I use a diverse array of techniques and approaches that allow the client himself to identify the aspects of their being that need healing. For example, in my exeprience it is impossible for a human being to heal trauma when they only view themselves as an extension of their tortuous past....

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